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A tennis marker is trying to put together a team of four players for a tennis tournament out of seven available. Males - a, b and c. Females – m, n, o and p. All players are of equal ability and there must be at least two males in the team. For a team of four, all players must be able to play with each other under the following restrictions:
b should not play with m,
c should not play with p, and
a should not play with o.
Which of the following statements must be false?
1. b and p cannot be selected together
2. c and o cannot be selected together
3. c and n cannot be selected together.

3. c and n cannot be selected together.

Note that the inclusion of any male player will reject a female player from the team. Since there should be four members in the team, and only three males are available, the girl, n should be included in the team always irrespective of other selections.