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Object Oriented Interview Questions



For a list of length n, on average, the insertion sort makes about ____ item assignments.

A: n (n - 1) / 2
B:  + 3n - 4 / 4
C: n - 1 / 2
D: n (n - 1) / 4

Which of the following sorts, on average, makes the least number of item assignments?

A: bubble
B: binary
C: insertion
D: selection



Which of the following operations can you perform with a member of a struct, assuming that the operation is already defined for that member?

A: assignment
B: input
C: output
D: all of the above




Given a struct variable named student and a member variable GPA of type double, how would you read a value into GPA?

A: cin >> student(GPA);
B: cin >> student >> GPA;
C: cin >> GPA;
D: cin >> student.GPA;


To compare the values of two struct variables, you must ____.

A: use a pre-defined function
B: copy the variables into temporary locations
C: compare the variables member-wise
D: compare the structs as a whole




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