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Merged List Problem

There are 2 singly linked lists (list1 and list2) that merge at one of the nodes and share the nodes there onwards. The goal is to find the node where these linked lists merge or join.



   1. Find length of both linked lists, say len1 and len2.
   2. Make current pointers for both lists equidistant from the common node. If one of the lists is longer we need to advance its current pointer by len1 - len2 (assuming list1 is longer). Now both current pointers should be equidistant from the common node. If both lists are same len, do nothing in step 2.
   3. Traverse both lists simultaneously while comparing the current pointers for equality. At ant point if they are equal we have found the first common node. If we reach the end of the lists without find the common node then the lists do not overlap.