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Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Don't love the book? We'll give you your money back!

Express Prep Package (E-Book: PDF File)
Emailed Instantly | $25.00

About the Book

Have you got the time to read 10 or more books and articles to add value prior to the interview? This book has been written mainly from the perspective of Java/J2EE job seekers and interviewers. There are numerous books and articles on the market covering specific topics like Java, J2EE, EJB, Design Patterns, ANT, CVS, Multi-Threading, Servlets, JSP, emerging technologies like AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Test Driven Development (TDD), Inversion of Control (IoC) etc. But from an interview perspective it is not possible to brush up on all these books where each book usually has from 300 pages to 600 pages. The basic purpose of this book is to cover all the core concepts and design/coding issues which, all Java/J2EE developers, designers and architects should be conversant with to perform well in their current jobs and to launch a successful career by doing well at interviews. The interviewer can also use this book to make sure that they hire the right candidate depending on their requirements. This book contains a wide range of topics relating to Java/J2EE development in a concise manner supplemented with diagrams, tables, sample codes and examples. This book is also appropriately categorised to enable you to choose the area of interest to you.

This book will assist all Java/J2EE practitioners to become better at what they do. Usually it takes years to understand all the core concepts and design/coding issues when you rely only on your work experience. The best way to fast track this is to read appropriate technical information and proactively apply these in your work environment. It worked for me and hopefully it will work for you as well. I was also at one stage undecided whether to name this book “Java/J2EE core concepts and solving design/coding issues” or “Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion”. The reason I chose “Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion” is because these core concepts and design/coding issues helped me to be successful in my interviews and also gave me thumbs up in code reviews.



I started using Java in 1999 when I was working as a junior developer. During those two years as a permanent employee, I pro-actively spent many hours studying the core concepts behind Java/J2EE in addition to my hands on practical experience. Two years later I decided to start contracting. Since I started contracting in 2001, my career had a much- needed boost in terms of contract rates, job satisfaction, responsibility etc. I moved from one contract to another with a view of expanding my skills and increasing my contract rates.

In the last 5 years of contracting, I have worked for 5 different organizations both medium and large on 8 different projects. For each contract I held, on average I attended 6-8 interviews with different companies. In most cases multiple job offers were made and consequently I was in a position to negotiate my contract rates and also to choose the job I liked based on the type of project, type of organization, technology used, etc. I have also sat for around 10 technical tests
and a few preliminary phone interviews.

The success in the interviews did not come easily. I spent hours prior to each set of interviews wading through various books and articles as a preparation. The motivation for this book was to collate all this information into a single book, which will save me time prior to my interviews but also can benefit others in their interviews. What is in this book has helped me to go from just a Java/J2EE job to a career in Java/J2EE in a short time. It has also given me the job
security that ‘I can find a contract/permanent job opportunity even in the difficult job market’.

I am not suggesting that every one should go contracting but by performing well at the interviews you can be in a position to pick the permanent role you like and also be able to negotiate your salary package. Those of you who are already in good jobs can impress your team leaders, solution designers and/or architects for a possible promotion by demonstrating your understanding of the key areas discussed in this book. You can discuss with your senior team members about performance issues, transactional issues, threading issues (concurrency issues) and memory issues. In most of my previous contracts I was in a position to impress my team leads and architects by pinpointing some of the critical performance, memory, transactional and threading issues with the code and subsequently fixing them. Trust me it is not hard to impress someone if you understand the key areas.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Don't love the book? We'll give you your money back!

Express Prep Package (E-Book: PDF File)
Emailed Instantly | $25.00