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What is Google Submit?

Google is the world's largest search engine and is the most widely used search engine on the Web. When people are looking for something online, 80% of them turn to Google. That's why it's important to get your website listed on it.

When you submit your website to Google, it will be added to the biggest Web index in the world. People will be able to find your website using relevant keyword searches.

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What You'll Need

To get your website listed, you'll need:

  • An Internet connection,
  • A web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox), and
  • Your website's URL (i.e.


Add a SearchBox to your Site in 2 Easy Steps


Step 1 - Start the Process

Go to the Google homepage and click “About Google.” In the “For Site Owners” section, click “Submitting Your Site.”

Submitting Your Website to Google Step 1

Submitting Your Website to Google Step 1

Google Interview

What is Google Interview is all about click here


Step 2 - Submit Your Site

On this pageenter your website's URL in the “URL” field. Be sure to enter the “http://” prefix.

Step 3 – Describe Your Site

On the same page, add a brief description or a few keywords related to your site in the “Comments” field then do the word verification test. To complete the process, click “Add URL.” It may take several weeks before your site is listed in Google.

Submitting Your Website to Google Step 3


Beyond Google

There are several other major search engines out there, other than Google. If you want to cover all your bases, you might want to submit your site to Yahoo! Search and MSN Search as well. The links below will take you where you need to go to get started.

Click here to register your site with Yahoo! Search.

Click here to register your site with MSN Search.

You can get your site on Google right away by using AdWords.

Since it can take over a month to get your site listed on Google, many website owners choose to use AdWords to post ads for their site alongside re gular search results.