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Google Tools for Webmasters –
Discover the Power that Lies Hidden in Your Website

If you want to learn how to incorporate Google tools in your website, then this is the place for you!

This website covers:

  • AdWords: How to use Google's pay-per-click advertising program
  • AdSense: How to host ads on your website using Google's affiliate advertising program
  • Froogle: How to add your products to Google's shopping search network
  • SiteMaps: How to add a sitemap to your website that helps Google index your pages
  • SearchBox: How to add a Google SearchBox to your website
  • Submitting to Google: How to submit your website to Google
  • Google Rankings: How to find out your website's ranking with Google
  • Google Operators: How to use Google's most useful query words to find out info about your website

Google's popularity is soaring these days. It's no surprise since they have led the way in providing useful tools that help everyone around the world harness the power of the Web.

Not only have they made it easier for surfers to find what they're looking for; they've also empowered small businesses by creating a number of Web tools that allow them to compete with their big corporate counterparts. Google's tools have helped webmasters to advertise, host ads, create internal search boxes, and more! Best of all, these tools are all free or available at a minimal cost, making them accessible to all.

This website teaches you the basic nuts ‘n bolts of Google tools and how to apply them to your website. Each page explains a specific Google tool, what you'll need to get started, an easy step-by-step tutorial of the tool, as well as some other related non-Google tools that you might want to look into.

To get the ball rolling, click on the page in our index that's named after the tool you're interested in. But be sure to check out the other tools too. They may improve your website in ways you'd never imagined!