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What is Google SearchBox?

Google SearchBox

Using Google's free search tools, you can add a Google SearchBox to your website. This will allow your visitors to search the Web directly from your website using their Web search box. And if Google has already crawled your website, the Site SearchBox will let them search your own site as well.

What You'll Need

To set up a Google SearchBox on your website, you'll need:

  • An Internet connection,
  • A web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox), and
  • A website.


Add a SearchBox to your Site in 2 Easy Steps


Step 1 - Start the Process

Go to the Google Free start-up page . Make sure the checkbox is ticked to accept the Terms of Service, and then click “ Get the Free Search code.”

Setting up Google SearchBox: Step 1


Be sure to review the terms of service! If your content violates the terms of service you may be asked to remove the search box from your website.


Step 2 - Choose a SearchBox Type for Your Site

There are three different kinds of SearchBoxes you can add to your site. The Free Web search allows visitors to search the Web from your site. The Free safe search is the same but excludes adult themed and explicit sexual content from the search results. There's also the Free Web search with site search, which allows visitors either to search the Web or your site. Choose the right one for your needs.

Setting up Google SearchBox: Step 2


If your site has already been indexed by Google, adding site search will allow visitors to find what they want on your site quickly and easily.

Step 3 – Transfer SearchBox Code

Click anywhere in the form field containing the SearchBox code you selected, and hold down the “Ctrl” key and press “A” to highlight the code. Then copy it by holding the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and pressing “C.” You can now paste this copy (using Ctrl-V) on any page in your website that complies with Google's policies. For more details on how to do this, ask your website provider.

Setting up Google SearchBox: Step 3

Now the SearchBox will appear on your website.


Beyond Google SearchBox

There are a number of different options available for people who want to add a search box to their websites. FreeFind has one that's fast, free and easy to use. Bravenet also has a good one.