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What is Froogle?


Froogle is Google's shopping search engine. It makes it easy to find info about products for sale online. Focusing entirely on product search, Froogle uses Google search technology to help customers find stores that sell what they're looking for, and takes them right to the website where they can buy it.

When you list your product with Froogle, you can reach the millions of customers who use it each day to search for the products they want to buy. And it's free for you to do so. Froogle is dedicated to providing the world's largest collection of consumer products on a single website.

With millions of searches per day, Froogle is quickly becoming an essential part of effective ecommerce strategy.


What You'll Need

To get your website listed, you'll need:

  • An Internet connection,
  • A web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox),
  • An email address, and
  • A website that sells products.*

*Note: Your retail website must comply with the following requirements.

  • Shipping: You must be able to ship your products throughout the United States.
  • Ordering: Your ordering process must be clearly explained on your website.
  • Pricing: Prices must be listed in US Dollars.
  • Website: Your website must be launched, active and written in English.
  • Products: You must not be offering auction items or illegal products.
  • Limitations: It may not be an affiliate site, multi-level marketing site, comparison shopping site, or mirror site.


Get Your Products Listed on Froogle Account in 10 Easy Steps


Step 1 - Start the Process

Go to the Froogle homepage and click “Information for Merchants.”

Setting Up Froogle: Step 1

If you don't have a Google account, click “Get Started” on the page that opens up.

Setting Up Froogle: Step 1

If you already have a Google account, log in with your Google account info and click “Continue” to activate your Froogle Merchant Account. Then, skip forward to “Step 5” of this tutorial.

Step 2 – Get a Google Account

On the next page, enter your email address and password to sign up for a Google account. Don't forget to re-enter your password! If you've already got a Google account, click “sign in here” at the top of the page.

Setting Up Froogle: Step 2


Step 3 – Get a Froogle Merchant Account

On the same page, enter your name, location, and complete the word verification. Read through the terms of service, and then click “I accept. Create my account.”

Setting Up Froogle: Step 3

Step 4 – Email Verification

If you had to create a Google account, you'll then be prompted to go to the inbox of the email address you provided. Open the email from Google and click the link provided. A browser will then open up confirming that you verified your email. Click “Click here to continue.” On the next page, click “Go to Merchant Center.”

Setting Up Froogle: Step 4

Step 5 – Add a SiteMap

Click step two “Create an FTP account.” A new page will open up. Create an FTP account login name and password. Click “Create FTP account.” A new page will open up letting you know that you've successfully created an account. It may take up to one hour to process.

Setting Up Froogle: Step 5

Setting Up Froogle: Step 5

Step 6 – Specify Your Feed's Settings

Click “Show FTP account.” A new page will open up. Click “Next Step: Specify your feed's settings.”

Setting Up Froogle: Step 6

Step 7 – Enter Information

On the next page, enter your store ID, name and URL (click the “Learn more” links next to each field if you're unsure of what to enter). If there is any adult content on your site, click the box next to “Adult Content.” Leave the “File Name” field as is – don't change it. Choose your language and currency using the drop-down menus.

Step 8 – Review Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Click on the links to Froogle's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to read them through. Once you're done, click the box indicating that you've read them. Then click “Register New Feed.” A new page will open up letting you know that you've successfully created a new feed. Click to return to the merchant center.

Setting Up Froogle: Step 8


Step 9 – Create and Upload Your Feed

In step 4, click “Create.” On a new page, click on your chosen format to read the various instructions on how to create and upload a feed. These instructions are pretty technical so be sure to follow them carefully.

Setting Up Froogle: Step 9

Step 10 – Check Your Feed For Errors

Go back to your Froogle Merchant Center account. Note any entries in the "Alerts" section. If you see an alert, click on the "help" link under the "Type" column for details on the specific problem. Click on the store for which you've uploaded a feed, and then on the feed filename. The feed details page lists processing statistics and provides examples of specific lines that were not formatted correctly. Click on the "help" link next to individual error messages for details on how to fix each error. Once you have identified all feed formatting errors, make the appropriate corrections to your feed. Repeat these steps until all errors are corrected.

Once all errors are resolved, Google's specialists will review your feed to ensure policy compliance. They'll get in touch with you if they need you to make any changes to your feed.


Beyond Froogle

There are several other major shopping portals out there that can help you sell your stuff. If you want to cover all your bases, you might want to submit your site to Shopzilla and along with Froogle. Some of them have nominal fees so be sure to review each agreement carefully. Click the links below to find out more.